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Uniformly Distributed Load: Explanatory White Paper

By Alec McCutcheon on 6th September 2012

 Uniformly Distributed Load – This white paper was produced on behalf of Rapid Racking Ltd, it is intended to increase awareness of Uniformly Distributed Load in regard to  industrial storage applications.


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Synopsis : Uniformly Distributed Load


UDL is a common term in the shelving and racking industry, it describes the maximum weight loading which can be applied in a uniform manner to a beam without causing beam deflection.

The best way to describe the concept of uniformly distributed load is to imagine a fish tank on a shelf, if the tank is full of water the weight of the water is distributed evenly across the entire surface area of the shelf.  Where as, if you were storing, boxes on a shelf the boxes would create a number of point loads where the weight of the box would focus on one point.

The term uniformly distributed load is commonly used in the industrial shelving and racking industry because it gives customers an indication of the maximum amount of weight that can be safely stored on a single shelf . This is essential for the safe use of shelving and racking in an industrial environment.

This white paper was written and published by Rapid Racking’s design team, the design team specialise in industrial shelving and racking solutions for all environments, including retail locations, archival storage, two tier and multi tier shelving systems and pallet racking installations.

If you are considering purchasing a storage system for your business we recommend  reading this white paper to aid your decision making. If you have any queries about the information contained in this white paper feel free to contact us using the contact page, phone us on 01285 68 68 69 or send us an e-mail.


Published by Alec McCutcheon

Alec McCutcheon

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